Shot-Force Targets systems (Off the Grid Steel LLC) is a company that creates and builds one of a kind self-resetting steel targets. These targets are made to meet the needs of many different groups of shooters which include: Law enforcement, Military, and individuals.

We are a company that started from simple beginnings. Our family is one filled with avid shooters, and law enforcement officers. We are a group that likes convenience, and perfection! While together there was a realization that the current targets being offered could be improved. The owner, Steve Davis, applied his welding and engineering experience to solve this problem!

A target was then created, one that not only gave off the ring of steel when shot, but would move and reset by the force of the shot. This made it so there was better confirmation of shots, and less walking down range. We found that a better shot started by using a better target!

We currently produce targets that can be used with 9mm handguns up to 308 rifle rounds and are made from AR 400 and AR 500 steel. We also can be contacted for specialty targets made to meet your needs and preferences.

Our targets are also proudly made in the U.S.A.!