Feedback and Reviews

"I shot the bejesus out of them this weekend. I like them, they work well."

"Using the heavier 3/8 plates makes multi gun shooting totally hassle free."

                                                                                       -Andy Bell

                                                                                        Co owner of "Ranger Proof"


"Love the way they come apart and so easy to set up, extremely portable."

"Was really impressed in how they work."

                                                                                       -John F Mullins

                                                                                         Inventor of frangible ammo


"All the targets are performing well really like them. Have had no problems."

                                                                                       -A.C. Musgrave


"This thing is fun as hell."

"You make legit well built targets."

"You make a good product and people deserve to know about it."

                                                                                       -Peter Johnson 

                                                                                        Owner of "Archway Defense"


"These targets are really tough, we have shot the daylights out of the huckleberry and it works great."

                                                                                       -Tray "Tonto" Ardese

                                                                                         Director of Magpul Core