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Gun Link Reviews Shot-Force Pro Targets

Gun Link Reviews Shot-Force Pro Targets

Read full review here.  Shot-Force Pro Brings Innovation to AR500 TargetsShotForceTargets_8402Several members of the GunLink team have spent at least some portion of their lives in southern Ohio, so the area has a place in our hearts. Although most of us have since spread throughout the country, we were happy...

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You bought your target, now for assembly!

You bought your target, now for assembly!

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New Video Review Just In!

This is just an over view of two Shot-Force Targets. The bright orange target is the Vagabond and the Bowling pin is well the bowling pin! The Vagabond is an adjustable Rifle and pistol target. It is rated up to 308/7.62x51. The Bowling pin is rated just for 22lr but...

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Feedback and Reviews

"I shot the bejesus out of them this weekend. I like them, they work well."

"Using the heavier 3/8 plates makes multi gun shooting totally hassle free."

                                                                                       -Andy Bell

                                                                                        Co owner of "Ranger Proof"


"Love the way they come apart and so easy to set up, extremely portable."

"Was really impressed in how they work."

                                                                                       -John F Mullins

                                                                                         Inventor of frangible ammo


"All the targets are performing well really like them. Have had no problems."

                                                                                       -A.C. Musgrave


"This thing is fun as hell."

"You make legit well built targets."

"You make a good product and people deserve to know about it."

                                                                                       -Peter Johnson 

                                                                                        Owner of "Archway Defense"


"These targets are really tough, we have shot the daylights out of the huckleberry and it works great."

                                                                                       -Tray "Tonto" Ardese

                                                                                         Director of Magpul Core